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Buying the right Dog Shampoo - NZ Checklist:

Welcome back to another installment from the team at Bella and Bailey New Zealand. Today we wanted to help the pups of the world a little but more by sharing some quick and simple tips to get the best value out of your next shampoo purchase.

Making the right choice is important, not only for your wallet but for your pups overall health.

Initial things to consider would be price, volume, expiry date, your planned shampoo frequency and if your Dog Shampoo will 100% natural or organic.

The most important thing is the purpose of treatment, are you washing your dog to get them clean and smelling great or do you also need to treat a current condition i.e. dry skin, fleas, redness etc.

When making your next purchase consider the following Pro Tips to ensure you gain the best value from your next purchase and keep your pup healthy and happy!

1. Use Dog Shampoo Only

Unbeknown to a lot of pet owners, Dog Shampoo is specifically formulated for a dog's skin. Human skin has a normal pH balance of 5.5-5.6 while dogs on the other hand, have a normal pH balance of 6.2-7.4. Using a human based dog shampoo will certainty get them clean and smelling great however human shampoo will affect the oil in their coats and very likely cause dry skin. Dry skin is something we are very aware of and is a direct contributor to further conditions such as redness and itchy skin.

You also need to consider that most human shampoos are not 100% organic and human shampoos with a greater degree of perfumes may be dangerous causing your pet to become unwell.

2. Existing conditions and treatment

When making a purchase as mentioned above you need to consider any pre-existing conditions your pet may need treatment for or if their are conditions that may require a specific product i.e. 100% Natural. We recommend that if you are dealing with an existing condition that requires treatment to speak to your Vet for advice before making a purchase. Your vet will guide you on the best approach to shampoo your dog whilst ensuring that your pup is treated accordingly for any condition they may need treatment for i.e. fleas, dry skin, redness and irritation.

3. Its all about the skin!

When making your purchase remember to take time to check if you dog has dry or oily skin. For a dog with dry skin, you may be recommended to use a moisturizing product to help lock in moisture and maintain a healthy coat. An oatmeal based shampoo is 100% natural and is available at to assist you if need be.

4. What is 100% Natural vs. Organic Dog Shampoo?

The wording can be tricky as both appear to mean the same thing but unfortunately within New Zealand the Dog Shampoo industry is fairly unregulated and you will find these labels on most bottles of Dog Shampoo in New Zealand. Let's keep it simple

  • 100% Natural - Contains all natural ingredients to clean, lather and perfume your pet i.e. Aloe Vera, Honey, Oatmeal. You will not expect any ingredients are not naturally produced.

  • Organic - Will contain additional chemicals for a variety of reasons such as extending the life of a product or enhancing the perfuming effect

These additional chemicals need to be considered as to ensure that they do not cause any avoidable issues in the long run from continuous use such as redness, dry skin or irritation.

As mentioned above the market within NZ is fairly unregulated so we recommend that when making your next purchase to read your product ingredient lists and take the time to research the chemicals listed. You may be surprised that a lot of them are not recommended for humans use.

5. Customer Recommendations & Feedback

Spend some time to validate your potential purchase with reviewing recommendations online. Most dog owners are very active online and are more than happy to provide feedback on social media about their pet product purchases and experiences. While your product supplier may list the benefits of their product online nothing beats some real-life feedback on how the product did. Check those ratings!

We hope these tips have assisted you better prepare for your next purchase; the team are here at to assist you with any questions you may have on our products and how they can assist you.

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