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Things to do with your dog in New Zealand

Summer is coming up soon and New Zealand has a lot to offer in the way of recreation for your favorite pooches.

We wanted to take a moment to share with you some of the awesome things and locations you can go with your pup whether you are staying local or travelling around New Zealand.

Maybe you can even let you dog take the lead and decide on where to head to next.

1. Keeping it local

New Zealand has a lot of offer in the way of scenic streets, parks and Rotary Walkways close to the shore. This gives your pup a great opportunity to gain some well deserved exercise and beach access if they wish to jump in for a dip. New Zealand also offer a wide range of off lead locations for your pup to stretch their legs

2. Surf and Turf

Getting your dog out and about this summer for a sneaky sausage and walk on the beach is easier than ever with being aware of the dog friendly beaches throughout New Zealand.

Try some of these locations the next time your out and about with your Pup.

  • Bethell's Beach near Lake Wainamu

  • North Piha Beach

  • Takapuna Beach

  • Golden Bay

  • Mellons Bay beach

More locations are available to reference through the Auckland Council for your local locations

3. A long drive

Dogs of all sorts can't stop themselves putting their head out the window when in a car and taking a long drive is a great way of relaxing the mind. Why not benefit each-other and plan a get away for you and your pup so you can enjoy the drive together.

4. Have a dog party

Consider inviting your friends over to your home or find a dog friendly park to let your pooches run wild. Dogs love to play with other dogs and by just adding a few snacks and water they will have a great time while you relax with friends and catch-up

5. Hotels for Dogs?

Did you know New Zealand offer pet friendly rentals throughout New Zealand. They are a great to get away and still bring your pup.

6. Coffee Break?

A quick search online will help you find local eateries and coffee houses which allow dogs on their premises. Some even leave out a dog bowl to help them rehydrate.

7. Doggy Train Rides

During off-peak times AT has started to allow dogs onto trains in New Zealand. If your thinking about going out and about with your pup adding a train ride in will boost the experience for your pup immensely.

Thank you for taking the time to read our latest blog post. Bella and Bailey NZ are an online Pet Supplies store based in New Zealand providing a range of pet products to support in animal health and dog care. Please visit us at for more information.

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